Friday, 26 November 2010

Boodles at The Savoy and a Lunar Landscape

Some people will sell you a piece of the moon for $22.49, but unfortunately though no part of the moon can be legally sold at this point except for some old rocks.

But some people will also sell you Moon Glass. 

Is it the next best thing?  No, it's better and  whilst it is not from the moon the price may actually be not too dissimilar, gram for gram, to a bit of old moon rock.

And it is fabulous and glamorous and very appropriate for  Boodles where it has been used in their new showroom at The Savoy designed by Eva Jiricna (who else) with the able assistance of Luke Desborough as Project Architect.

Specification of the 'Moon Glass' as supplied and installed by Techniques Transparentes is as follows:

 Moon Glass

12mm thick, optiwhite glass, sandblasted on the rear to give a lunar landscape appearance, with a white gold leaf ( 9 cts) applied to the sandblasting

Eva Jiricna Architects


Boodles at The Savoy

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