Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Use of Nets on Building Sites in Mumbai

Don't be too quick to knock contractors working in other countries and their ability to innovate and develop new systems.

Whilst it would be fraught with difficulties trying to obtain permission to hang netting from adjacent and opposite buildings along a street in central London, hanging nets across this busy market street in Mumbai does reduce the risk of materials falling onto persons below.

Yes it would be ideal to have edge protection at every level on the building but on the basis that it would be difficult to police the use of edge protection these nets do catch falling debris.

But I also think these nets would instill complacency.

If these nets are also intended to provide protection for persons working at high level then safety netting is the preferred fall arrest option since it provides collective protection and does not rely on individual user discipline to guarantee acceptable safety standards if using a harness. 

Look at the photograph and you will  see that  the men do not wear hats or boots or hi viz.  Harnesses are another language all together.

However, this building was a five storeys high.  Quite a height to fall.

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