Saturday, 26 June 2010

Meet The A Team of RGBS New Contractors On The Block

Meet Adrian Roffey and Tony Chouls the two Directors of RGBS, a company just under two years old;  already they are gaining a reputation for building high quality private houses.

Adrian I have known for years when he was working at Portland Homes (who build fabulous high quality homes in and around Kent and Surrey many of which Adrian as site Manager was responsible for).

And if you can set up a Company in the middle of a recession and survive then it gives you a pretty good grounding for when times are better.

Tony is the QS and manages the paperwork and the costs.  Areas which are so important but where many contractors fail.

And I'm very pleased to be working with them and wish them every success.

Incidentally the red shirt is not  representative of the BS in RGBS but of course the England football team who were playing on the afternoon of our meeting.

Tel 0808 168 3088

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