Saturday, 6 June 2009

Where's Guido Fawkes When You Need Him?

There is a small amount of demolition left to do on site and we are looking for a competent , trained person to do the work.

Guido Fawkes won't return our calls for we have been told he has numerous commissions at the Palace of Westminster this month. (The public, it seems, are fed up waiting for Gordon Brown and his cronies to go of their own accord. )

If you do have spare capacity and are interested in undertaking the works please provide the following information:

Your public and employer's liability insurance certificate;
Your Health and Safety Policy ;
Name of your supervisor;
CSCS Cards;
Name of your horse ;
Records of training including for the use of gunpowder ;
Details of previous contracts.

Essential criteria:
Detailed knowledge of tunnelling under public buildings.

Mandatory PPE for site:

Pointed hat with a large feather, a very long coat, boots, and spurs as a quick exit is required.

As Principal Contractor, under Regulations 4 (1) (a) of the CDM Regulations we are, amongst other things, required to check your competence prior to appointment.

Regulation 4 (1) (a) states:
4.—(1) No person on whom these Regulations place a duty shall—
(a) appoint or engage a CDM co-ordinator, designer, principal contractor or contractor unless he has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the person to be appointed or engaged is competent;

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